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Scary dream!

So, I had a scary dream last night. It was not fun. It started out well – everything was all honky-dory. My team went to Kellogg Community College to play a double header against them in softball, and I was actually going to get to bat in this game! So I was pretty stoked about that. Then I realized that I didn’t wear my uniform to the game – I was wearing a dress. How I forgot to wear my uniform, I don’t know, but I did. I was last in the batting order and our hotel wasn’t too far away, so I got a couple of the coaches to take me back to get my uniform on, but without telling coach, cause I knew he’d freak out with me leaving during the game. (Apparently he hadn’t noticed my lack of uniform either.) So we went to the hotel and I figured I could get changed and back to the field before I’d need to bat. It felt like while I was moving really slowly, like I was dilly-dallying. I got changed and we started heading back to the field, when one of the coaches gets a call from a player saying that coach is really mad. We get to the field to find out they’ve already played both games and LOST both games… to KELLOGG! (We are a much better team than them, at least we were last year). And so, not only did we lose but coach is really mad that I left the game. I didn’t like this dream 😦 it was a bad, scary dream!


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Interpret This

I had a dream last night, and I was confused about it. Perhaps someone out there can make heads or tails of it.

In my dream, I was sitting with a group of friends in the second floor of a house watching music videos and just hanging out in general. I decided to play one called “letters” that I had apparently seen before and thought was really good. I didn’t watch the beginning of it because I was laying down in a chair with my head on my boyfriend’s chest who was in the chair next to me, and so I couldn’t see the movie. We were holding hands, but he had had his other hand gently caressing my face. I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t breathe so I tried moving my head to a different position, but his hand prevented me from moving, almost as if he was suffocating me. Finally, I moved his hand so I could turn my head and breathe and also see the video. There was no sound coming from the video though, so I supposed it was just a really long introduction. In the video there’s a young girl, maybe 7 years old or so, and she’s being kidnapped. She is dragged down the hallway by her feet, and she just lays there. She’s scared, but she doesn’t scream or cry. I missed the next part of the video because my boyfriend decided to get up. He stood up and went and sat at the top of the stairs by himself and just looked at me. I wanted to go over there with him, but I didn’t want to miss the video because I knew something really terrible was going to happen in it that would make me emotional, so I stayed in my chair and continued to watch. I saw the mother of the 7 year old (she’s been rescued or escaped somehow) and they’re standing in the doorway of her little sister’s (maybe 4 years old). There’s a large black, not African or Indian or having anything to do with race, just pure black in color, woman with firey red curly hair and laying on the little girl’s bed with the sleeping, frail-looking child in her arms. The woman is crying. Apparently the mother can’t see the woman, but the 7 yr. old can. The woman is, I think, the one who tried to kidnap her. The girl says something along the lines of “Mom, I’m worried about Pisces (her sister).” She didn’t want to leave her little sister, but her mom took her to bed and I remember the 7 yr. old wasn’t dressed for bed. She was wearing a dress and had a checkered bow in her hair. The video ended with the mom going into a play room (I think) and saying “I just know I’ll see something.” But she doesn’t see anyone in there. There is however a large box, big enough for someone to hide behind, but the mom doesn’t investigate. The credits rolled. I thought it odd that there was no music at all, and then I woke up.

So that’s my dream. Anyone got an explanation for it?

Also, I apologize that the whole thing is just one big mass… I wasn’t sure where paragraphs should go or even if they should go anywhere in it.

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