September 12, 2008 at 8:32 pm 1 comment

That’s what happened as I began to drink my second cup of black coffee tonight. My mind popped. I suddenly became very aware of little things around me – do you think it could be that black coffee is a more effective transporter of caffeine than my typical fru-fru coffee drinks? At any rate, I’m very aware of the tightness in my back, the warmth of my neck and the headache that is resting right above my eyes in the center of my forehead. Yep! Fun stuff! I am also noticing an occasional twitch from my eyes, which I can only assume is being caused by the coffee… otherwise a vein might be about to pop out of my head as happens in so many glorious cartoons when a character is made angry or has just drank some ridiculously hot/spicy liquid. I’m going to go with the former though. Dang… my cup is empty… is a third in order. I mean, it’s only 9:22 on a Friday night, I can sleep all Saturday if I want to, not that I don’t any other day I please. Ah, the luxury of living with ones parents with the only job of babysitting ones niece. I suppose I do have to be awake for that, but I still have the opportunity to nap afterwards. Manyways, it seems my thoughts are a bit wandering.

Back to coffee! So, I don’t drink coffee. I drink water, tea, juice… not coffee. And when I do drink coffee, I drink it socially, and with lots of cream and sugar or, depending on whether the particular coffee vendor that I’m at has Izze, I would typically opt for that, which is distinctly NOT COFFEE.

And so, I’ll end my coffee rant here, and instead tell you of the joy that watching a show called Zero Punctuation. It’s not so much what he says… ok,  sometimes it’s what he says, but it’s more the way he says it. Like when he says “shirikens and lightning” 10 times, it doesn’t get boring because he has a terrific British/Australian accent and speaks a mile a minute. I wouldn’t recommend this program, not at all. He is pretty crude and swears a bit, but the way he speaks is somewhat captivating. You should know that all this post as I’m writing it, I am hearing it in his voice. It’s quite delightful. Well, cheerio… I’m off to cup #3!


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Show Me Love With Great Waiting Comes Bad Writing

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  • 1. annie  |  September 13, 2008 at 11:11 am

    You are funny.


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