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August 16, 2008 at 1:48 am Leave a comment

Well, my wonderful blog family, I love you! I’m pretty tired – not gonna lie. I stayed up till 6:30 in the morning yesterday. It began with a night of viewing A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. My sister, my besty, and me met up with a friend on mine and his friend there. Laughter ensued throughout the night. After the play we all hung out (minus one sister and plus a thespian and her twin). We kicked a soccer ball around some, played some pool, some euchre and some guitar. Much fun was had through the night and into the morning. I ended up getting dropped off at my house around 3:30ish. I did facebook rounds and got ready to go to bed. But then, my mind would not let me sleep. It was frustrating. I think it was perhaps due to the 24 oz Mountain Dew I drank (when I hardly ever drink soda) and some conversation that was had with my friends. Anyways, I didn’t want what was on my mind to be on my mind, so I took a walk to try to overload my brain so that it would reboot… it worked. At least I think it worked. I saw two shooting stars, sang songs on the steps to a church that I don’t attend and walked and jogged until I returned to my house at approximately 6:30, just as my mom was leaving for work. I collapsed on a bed and fell asleep.

Tonight, I hung out with my church’s college group, though the 6 people who attended today is significantly less than our normal group. We played some volleyball, basketball and shuffleboard, and we ate food, I consumed (32+16=?) 48 oz of caffeinated beverage and watched Michael Phelps win another race. At 1 a.m. (during a shuffleboard game) the power went out all across the city. We didn’t know this was planned *shrugs*. Anyways, we used our cell phones to navigate us to flashlights, which we used to locate and pick up the shuffleboard disks, and then we headed home. I think I got home at around 1:30, and I’ve been online since then. Mostly I was hoping my friend would be online… the one that is incredibly awesome… but alas, this friend was not. I have been talking to other amazing, wonderful friends though, and that’s always good. Sooo… I think I’ll be going to bed soon. Phil’s Singalong cd is almost over, and that’d probably be a good ending to tonight. Stay Chill!


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