The Long and Short of it

July 26, 2008 at 10:38 pm Leave a comment

… actually, it’s just the short of it, because it’s nearly 11:30, and I only got about 6 hours of sleep last night (that’s very little compared to what I normally get). Here it goes:

worship around a campfire is awesome

wake-boarding is fun, but I need a lot of practice!

pushing people into the lake is fun – in my defense, they started it!

my camera doesn’t like taking baths, even if they’re less than 5 seconds long

I love college kids!

fishing poles and air conditioning

lol, he peed his pants?! lol… man… crazy times

I give up on having a crush on a boy who knows it, but tries to be polite by not directly saying “I don’t like you!”

the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet are never the ones you thought you’d like

I miss my friends at Barakel… particularly the boy who isn’t really my friend, but for some reason I’ve been missing our friendship. You know, that one boy…yeah, that one! Well… I’m not missing “us” I’m just missing my friend who I used to hang out with. That cool kid who introduced me to a lot of my favorite music. That sweet guy who was really great at bowling. That genius who sat behind me in pre-calc and programmed his own game on his calculator. He’s pretty awesome. I bet you wish you were friends with him. So do I… Plus… I’m feeling like I owe him some cookies.

ok, it’s sufficiently past my bedtime. I hope you all sleep well! G’night!


I had the best fish ever! Thanks Ivan for cooking it! Thanks Andrew and Brian and God for catching/giving it!


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See ya! a-chooo a-chooo

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