I like hugs ^_^

June 12, 2008 at 10:33 am Leave a comment

I like hugs. Yesterday I got a hug from one of the most energetic little boys I know. It made me happy because I hadn’t seen that little guy in quite a while. He was just so upbeat and happy even with a broken wrist 🙂 He probably made my day with that hug.

Today, I will get to hug my niece Bethany, and my nephews Caedmon and Nathanael. They are also wonderful little people that I don’t get to see very often, but I love their hugs. I think I may just be more of an entertainment device to them. If it’s not dancing with them, it’s spinning them around or throwing them up in the air or tickling them – not that I mind :-). I love them. They’re all so cute and cuddly and have wonderful personalities. Bethany is a little spitfire. She’s 2 years old and gets into all sorts of trouble whenever she can. But when she’s not getting into trouble she’s this darling little girl who loves to play or be read stories to or just lay on the couch and cuddle. Caedmon is 4, and he’s very hungry for attention, but can have fun on his own too. He wants to do everything his little sister does, which can get difficult with the weight difference. He makes up songs from the top of his head and just sings them without caring what other people think, and they usually have a lesson he’s learned in them, such as “pictures are only just for looking at.” He can be deliberately defiant, but he also can be very thoughtful. Nathanael is the baby of the family, and he’s not yet one. I got to spend a good deal of time with him when he was a newborn and it seems since then his disposition may have changed or it could just be the weather. As a newborn, Nathanael was a very good-tempered child. He smiled a lot, and had a very infectious laugh. He pretty much only cried when he was hungry and sometimes when he needed to be changed. Everyone was also drawn to his bright blue eyes. I think since then, Nathanael has become more attached to his parents and fusses when one of them leaves the room. He still has an adorable little smile though, and loves flirting with the ladies ;-)… you know, he does the smile and turn away. Ironically I think that’s how I respond to flirting as well. Anyways, those are the little ones that I get to see and hug and squeeze today and all weekend, so I should be on top of the world for the rest of the week 🙂 Have a blessed weekend!


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