Apostle Paul and hot-cha-cha

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So, I promised you a look at why I LOVE Paul. Honestly, I want to marry Paul. If he wasn’t dead and was willing to take a wife, I wish I could be the woman he would choose. Think about it. Aside from Jesus, there was probably no one as committed to purity or serving the Lord as Paul. OK, so maybe some people tie, but still. His life was serving God. He was persecuted and beaten and imprisoned and yet he continued. He loved Jesus! That’s SOOOOO HOT! You know that if you were his girl he would totally protect your purity. He wouldn’t ask to kiss you; he wouldn’t hold you close where temptation could take over, he wouldn’t tell you how much he wishes you were married so you could be together; he would treat you as a sister with complete holiness. Then when you got married he would be so in love with you, but no matter how much he was in love with you, he would be more in love with God. That’s so hot – A man who knows who he is and knows why he is. He would lead you. He would pray with you. He would pray FOR you. It would be his goal for you to love God as much as he loves God, and that’s no small amount. 🙂 Apostle Paul was the man. If he didn’t have to be persecuted so much for sharing Christ, I bet he would have been the best husband ever. I hope I’m lucky enough to marry someone as in love with Christ as Paul was… and hopefully I’ll be loving Christ just as much as well.

In other words….

Every time I picture you
I blush and turn away
The hope that you may love me
Makes my knees give way

Your love for God and family
Speaks miles of your heart
And your obedience is astounding
As you give him every part

You’d always protect my purity
And oh, that’s just so hot
A man with such conviction
Melts me on the spot

Handsome and debonair
With old-fashioned boyish charm
The country boy I dream of
Having grown up on a farm

Your smile is contagious
And your eyes are just so blue
How I’d cherish them every day
If I could marry you

Would you lead me in God’s word
Show me the way that’s true
Fall more in love with God
As I fall more in love with you

Teach me to love completely
And trust God every day
To sacrifice myself
Follow Him in every way


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