Flames and Feelings

May 25, 2008 at 12:05 am Leave a comment

Tonight I got to chill with one of my best female friends from middle school. We used to be great friends, but then she dated my older brother and it got awkward. Anyway, wanting to do something fun, we decided to go mini-golfing: unfortunately we did not realize that the mini-golf place closed about 10 minutes before we got there. So, after much sitting and discussing what to do, we decided not to set Chuck E. Cheese on fire, and instead decided to have a bonfire at my house. We didn’t have any marshmallows or hot dogs, but we did have a decent amount of wood and matches. We sat out by the fire for a while trying to get it started and playing truth or dare (though no one does the dare) with my brother and while it was entertaining it did not keep our interest for long. Around 11:00 my brother decided to head inside as he has to open in the morning, but my friend and I stayed out by the fire waiting for it to dwindle down. While the the last few flames were dying down and throughout the “ember stage” we chatted about the things girls chat about – boys and feelings. I told her about the object of my twitterpatedness and how I would be so lucky to marry such a man. He’s the type of man that is just so beautiful outside and inside. I don’t really even know him but you can see how much he loves Jesus… and someone so completely in love with Jesus is definitely someone I could love. I would be so blessed to be able to marry him, but someone so wonderful deserves someone far better than me. He deserves someone who has never let her thoughts stray to impurity; someone who has committed her way to the Lord in everything she does. I wish I was her, but my past cries out against me. I can only be that girl from now on… and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find favor with that god-fearing, handsome man who makes my head spin. 🙂 It’s funny how fire can bring out ones’ feelings…. speaking of which, have I ever told you how I feel about Apostle Paul? I think I shall next post — what a man!


I thought that the fire picture needed some background action to go with it, so I changed the design of my site… I’ll probably change it back later though. But yeah, the fire looks way better with this design.


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Twitterpated ^_^ Apostle Paul and hot-cha-cha

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