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May 23, 2008 at 12:58 pm Leave a comment

Today I’ve been trying to prepare myself for going to Cedarville. I went through the mail I received from CU and found a couple forms I needed to fill out, so I did. I still need a stamp or two to mail them in though. I also searched through some various scholarships and marked ones that I think I might be able to get. I didn’t start any of the yet, but I plan on writing some essays and submitting some pictures and possibly making a music video for one of them. Hopefully it will work out so that debt is not extremely great… that would be beneficial to me (and whoever I marry).

On a related note, I’m wavering between which Education Major to choose. I like working with little kids, and tend to think they would show me the most respect; however, I think that I may also have a difficult time keeping them under control just because kids these days tend to be more rambunctious.  If I did Middle Childhood Education, I’d be able to do a more specialized field such as science or math, but I really don’t look forward to teaching some of the science stuff I would be expected to teach and I think math may be one of the harder subjects for students to understand. Then Adolescent Education would give me an opportunity to teach a very specialized subject and might also give me an opportunity to coach, but I’m not sure that the students would respect me or that I’d be good at teaching them. I think what’s affecting me most in my decision is fear. I need to let it go and hopefully have God make my decision for me. Please be praying for me about this so that I may make the best decision. Thank you!

I’ve got a lot to do before fall semester and I can’t wait to get it all done… otherwise it will just be moving from one kind of stress to a new kind of stress. I would like some time to recover from the stresses of preparation before diving into the stresses that come with living in a new place where I will know very few people and be coached by a new coach and be taking lots of classes.

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