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April 15, 2008 at 11:41 am Leave a comment

So, the Hawt post today said something about being trapped in an elevator, and it reminded me of when I was trapped in an elevator. In 7th grade, our class trip was to Chicago. While we were there we visited a few places though I don’t remember the names of any of them… one of them was an aquarium, and we also went to a science museum thing. Well, when it was getting time to leave, we had to meet on the ground floor or something, so my group decided to take the elevator down. The elevator got stuck between floors, and we were probably in there for about 5-10 minutes – not too long to do any psychological damage, but long enough to say that I got trapped in an elevator.

And because it’s tuesday, I’ll do a mini-positive post. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and what sort of man I’d like to marry, and I’ve come back with a sad thought – What if the sort of man I’d like to marry won’t want to marry me because I’ve messed up? I want the person I marry to be righteous and love God and live his life with absolute purity and protect my purity as well. Such a man is going to be looking for a woman who is guarding her heart and has not forsaken her purity even for a moment… such a man is not going to be looking for me. On evening a few nights ago when I was particularly feeling the regret of my decisions, I ended up talking with my friend, Clint. Using him as the standard, sure enough I confirmed my suspicions that someone who has risked their purity in the way that I have is not going to be “the one” for a godly, young man. Despite his assurance that whoever I do end up with will be the right one for me, I still am discouraged about the whole situation. However, it is of great encouragement to me that someone who I’ve only ever talked to online would have me continuously in his prayers. haha… it actually made me cry with joy that he was praying for me 🙂 Now, I met Clint through David Crowder’s xanga when the emprisetv was running and the chat window was regularly used, but since then, he’s continued to be an encouragement to me and it’s truly been a blessing to be able to call him my friend, even if we haven’t met in person.


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