I Respect You

March 16, 2008 at 11:24 am Leave a comment

I respect you for who you are
Not for how you do
I respect that you have opinions
Lord knows I have them too
I’m sorry that I have argued
When there was no right or wrong
I was blind to how you received it
I should have seen it all along
When you’d get angry I didn’t know
That you felt disrespected
Or when I ran off with other friends
That you would feel neglected
I’m sorry I messed us up
To the point we’re not together
I just wish I could make amends
And show you respect forever


I just began reading the book “For Women Only” and just from reading the first few pages, I have a completely new view of men’s anger. I never knew that when I would argue my opinion so adamantly that it would make someone feel disrespected. I wonder if I had known this sooner if I could have saved a relationship. It’s ok though, God’s got all of me and I need all of Him, so I’ll just seek Him and if I find myself in a relationship again I’ll know how to better respect my partner.


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FUNNY! ^_^

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