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So, I’m pretty sure I just bombed my History exam. That makes me not feel so good. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t get less than a “C” on it, so that makes me feel less miserable. Also, I’m hungry – feed me!

I’m so happy that my exam is over with though! It feels so great to not have to study and worry about it anymore! Really, I’m just so wonderful right now (minus the hunger thing). Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to chill with any of my friends today, and I haven’t even listened to much music. I’m sure I’ll get to listen to something before I head off to bed. I’m also hoping to chat with a friend of mine who said he “gives up.” Giving up could be a good or a bad thing. I’m not sure which his is yet.


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College and Careers

Yesterday night was amazing! I had a ton of fun hanging out with the college-age group from First Baptist Church of St. Johns. It started out with around 15 of us, and we gained and lost people as the night proceeded. We went bowling, discussed a bit of John Piper’s “Don’t Waste Your Life,” I had some girl chat where I learned about a Regency Exhibition Ball in Lansing… which I wish I could go to it, but I’ll have softball as it’s on a Saturday, then I chatted with a confident, ate some delicious Mancino’s, watched MSU lose to Memphis, and played some lightsabers and basketball. Oh yeah, and I told a friend about how Shaun Groves may indeed be the coolest person on the planet. All this stuff combined kept me out from 6:15ish to 2 a.m. It rocked my socks ^_^.  One thing I learned was Facebook’s tendency to send male more inappropriate ads than they send to females. And let me just say, I’m so happy that the gentlemen that I was with were frustrated by this… that they were actually considering changing their status to female just so they wouldn’t get these ads. Godly men rock. Go you! I hope I’m fortunate enough to marry a man who has purity in the forefront of his mind. I also learned some physics by playing basketball- namely, an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. Sadly to say, I was usually the object in motion, and the outside force was often an opponent who had just stopped quickly….. yeah… I hit a lot of people yesterday; though I did hit the wall once after I did a lay up.

And then, one of the best parts of the night which consisted of probably at least 5-10 minutes was sharing David Crowder Band’s version of “I Saw The Light” with several people during bowling. They all loved it!

There’s other stuff… but… I’m more in the mood for listening to music without the distraction of trying to think of something to say.

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“I know that sometimes you don’t quite say what you mean,
But then you can’t disguise the tears when the truth pours from your heart”

Do you know anyone like that? You do!? Well, I Double Dog Dare you (you know it’s serious when there’s alliteration) to incorporate those words or general idea into a poem about said person! I myself am planning on using it for a Positive Post Tuesday. ^_^ Let me know how it works out for you!

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. . .  *exhales*

Since when does caring very deeply about someone keep me from being friends with that very wonderful, beautiful, amazing individual? Well… since about 9 1/2 months ago… but maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe I can get past emotions and to unconditional love.




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Blessed Beyond

I’m so blessed to have people advise me and encourage me. So many people have helped me more than words can describe and I just am so thankful that God has placed these people in my life. Now that they’ve allowed God to speak through them, I’m gonna be talking with the Big Man himself, and He’s gonna take me through the procedure that gives him the glory.


This is a song that I feel can be applied to my situation somewhat. Hate was not a part of my situation, but I feel that the last verse of this song is a good thing to keep in mind.

Hope Has A Way – Scott Krippayne

Hey you, with your fist balled up tight
Against your brother
Hey you, with the hate in your heart
For anotherIt’s no suprise that you struggle inside
Playing tug-o-war with your stubborn pride

Hope has a way
Of breaking thorugh walls
Of bridging the gap between us all
There isn’t a problem
Too great or too small
Hope has a way, hope has a way

How come we throw words like stones
Against each other
And how long before we begin
To love one another

Haven’t we learned from
The mistakes we’ve made
That without forgiveness
There is no change, but

Let’s not forget that what binds us is greater
Than anything that keeps us apart
We’re all the children of the same loving Father
Let us stand together serving heart to heart


Sometimes girls are rockin’ awesome on a ukulele… this is one of those times

March 22, 2008 at 10:12 pm 6 comments

Happy Today!

^_^ unlike my happy todays of the past, today’s happy today is not because it has been some increment of months, but is because I’m super stoked about seeing one of my bestest friends of the whole wide world! He’s coming home from college, and I get dibs! haha! ^_^ But yeah, I’ve got lots of important stuff to talk to him about so, if you read this I would appreciate it if you would pray for us. Pray that God would give him words and wisdom to speak to me and that I would receive it well. Also, if you would pray that we would just enjoy the time we get to spend together, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


Also, I love the way Rhett and Link interact and react

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Scary dream!

So, I had a scary dream last night. It was not fun. It started out well – everything was all honky-dory. My team went to Kellogg Community College to play a double header against them in softball, and I was actually going to get to bat in this game! So I was pretty stoked about that. Then I realized that I didn’t wear my uniform to the game – I was wearing a dress. How I forgot to wear my uniform, I don’t know, but I did. I was last in the batting order and our hotel wasn’t too far away, so I got a couple of the coaches to take me back to get my uniform on, but without telling coach, cause I knew he’d freak out with me leaving during the game. (Apparently he hadn’t noticed my lack of uniform either.) So we went to the hotel and I figured I could get changed and back to the field before I’d need to bat. It felt like while I was moving really slowly, like I was dilly-dallying. I got changed and we started heading back to the field, when one of the coaches gets a call from a player saying that coach is really mad. We get to the field to find out they’ve already played both games and LOST both games… to KELLOGG! (We are a much better team than them, at least we were last year). And so, not only did we lose but coach is really mad that I left the game. I didn’t like this dream 😦 it was a bad, scary dream!

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