Valentine’s Date

February 14, 2008 at 10:43 am 2 comments

So, it’s about 10:30, and I’ve already had a date! There was a set time, set place, set person, and I wore a gown. That sounds like a date right? Well, not quite. I had an appointment with my doctor today to get a physical for softball. I think I spent probably 10 minutes or less actually getting looked at, but I was there for about 1/2 hour. Apparently I’m 65 3/4 inches tall, 155.6 pounds, my blood pressure is 100/72, and my pulse is 68. Apparently those stats are good enough to get me a signed piece of paper that means I get to go play softball in Florida in just over 2 weeks, and continue to play the rest of the season after that.

People who are male, don’t read this paragraph. I was super excited that I didn’t have to get a pap-test. Apparently I don’t have to get one until I’m 21 or sexually active (which means married). *does a little dance* I have some friends who had to get them when they were 18, but I guess they changed the guidelines on that to my pleasant surprise. I don’t think I’m quite comfortable enough with my own body to trust anyone else with it. This was also the first time I think I’ve ever had to wear a hospital gown thing. It wasn’t too bad, but I think it was unnecessary.

Alright, so, Valentines Day. Here’s how it’s (probably) going to go. In a half hour, my dad is going to pick up my mom from work, my brother from school and then drop me off at our practice facility. I’m going to practice softball for about 2 hours – stretching, running, throwing, fielding, hitting. I’ll get picked up from practice by my mom and dad, and we’ll go watch my sister get married (though her wedding won’t be until summer). Then I’ll come home and um… that might be around 4:30ish-5ish I think. After that, I’ve got no plans until the RhettandLinKast. Perhaps I’ll call some of my female friends and maybe get together and go shopping. That would be great fun. But yeah—i miss romance. Oh well, maybe tonight can be the night I hang out with God staring up at a million lights–bundle up nice and warm with some hot chocolate and stare into the sky, though I don’t know if the cloud cover is supposed to go away.


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Anberlin Ode to the Toilet

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  • 1. Jenn  |  February 17, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    The whole p-test thing is one of those wonderful benefits of following what’s best for us – isn’t it great – yep don’t have to worry about that until I get married and I also get to enjoy the shocked look on every doctors face when I saw nope not ever…

  • 2. anon4him  |  February 17, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    haha yeah… I didn’t even get those looks… they just let me know I didn’t need one yet because I wasn’t sexually involved. That was good.


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