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I had a late night last night — really late. I usually am in bed by midnight; such was not the case. I found myself online very late. I think I mostly stayed up because Clint is a fun person to talk to. Anyway, I stayed up and listened to Coldplay, Downhere, Snow Patrol, and watched a pretty sweet 15 part video. Around 2:40 I started getting really tired and decided I had better get to bed. Before turning off my light I read a chapter from Matthew, a few pages of A Case For Faith and set my alarm for 10:31. At least I thought I set my alarm for 10:31. I forgot to turn my alarm on, so as it turns out, it did not go off this morning. Ironically, I woke up without it at exactly, you guessed it, 10:31. I can’t explain how it happened. There was no loud noise, nobody waking me up, I just woke up. Do I just have that good of an internal clock, was it just a huge coincidence, or was God gently shaking me saying, “it’s time to get up, sweetie.” — I would like to think it’s the last one ^_^


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I’m Done Pining By Accident

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