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So, usually like to think of myself as a fairly attractive young woman; not beautiful by any means, but not hideous. I would like others to think of me this way too, and usually my female friends will at least say they do–whether or not they truly believe it is up for debate. I think that usually guys don’t notice me–at all, but I guess I always would like them to notice me. I would like them to think I’m pretty without attaching any emotion to that. However, today I received a look that quite contradicted how I hoped I was being noticed.

It looked kinda like this:

Someone said something to a young man, and he turned and looked at me like that, though he wasn’t so young and I hadn’t been doing anything to receive such a disgusted look. Therefore I think I must attribute it towards my appearance. After being noticed by someone I previous thought I wouldn’t mind noticing me, I’ve decided that perhaps my best chance is to avoid being noticed. Do absolutely nothing remarkable, and perhaps people won’t notice me. Perhaps I will be able to escape this life with no more looks that say, “oh my gosh, I think I’m going to vomit.” Anyways, those are my thoughts as of this moment… I’m going to go try to become invisible.

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Do You Know I’m Done Pining

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