I’m Done Pining

February 4, 2008 at 5:00 pm Leave a comment

I guess that didn’t last too long. It just took a canceled class, a chat about Physics and some sweet Anberlin to get over thinking about how I don’t want thought about. I should complain less. It doesn’t help and doesn’t last too long anyway.

Alright, so I can’t wait to watch Chuck tonight!–At least I hope it’s on tonight. It’s supposed to be according to my mom. But, uh oh! No! NOOOOOO! It’s on at 8/7c That’s a terrible time for it to be on… my class doesn’t get done until 9. *pout* Oh well, I’ll watch it on the computer sometime. 🙂

I love you! Yes YOU! If you are reading this blog, I love you. You can stop by my house anytime you want! I love you.

*side-hugs* *smiles*


wow… music is really putting me in a good mood… but you know what could make it better? A cookie ^_^ I think I’ll go get one soon.


dang… they’re all out of cookies 😦 … but also, Rock Stars Need Money

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