January 30, 2008 at 12:24 pm 4 comments

If you are grossed-out easily, don’t read this paragraph. So, I got sick yesterday — very very sick. For example, when you poop, you usually have a brown, solid object coming out of your rear end, right? Well, such was not the case for me. What came out of mine was not even solid, much less brown. It would have simply been water, had there not been acid from my intestines coming out as well. In addition to that unpleasantness, the only thing I ate yesterday aside from a bowl of cereal at breakfast was a banana. Now, when I had the cereal I was sick, but not too sick. About half an hour after eating the banana, I was much more sick. When bananas won’t stay in your digestive system, you know you’re sick! Since then, I’ve managed to keep most of two glasses of apple juice down, though I did puke bile around 2:30 this morning.

My mom looked up my symptoms and came up with 3 things that might be wrong with me: food poisoning, gall bladder infection, or a viral infection. I’m thinking it’s one of the first two. It could be food poisoning because I ate a piece of sub that had been sitting out for nearly 5 hours or it could be a gall bladder infection, because there is a history of those within my family. I actually had something very similar to this last year… I’m hoping this doesn’t become an annual event, because honestly, it’s unpleasant.

I had made plans for hanging out with my blue-haired friend yesterday, and it was going to be quite the wonderful time. Sadly, my being ill got in the way. Yesterday morning, I new that I was at least slightly sick, but I convinced myself that I was good because if I was sick I couldn’t hang out with my friend, and I wanted to hang out with him. So anyway, I got through being sick in the morning and being sick during practice and being sick after practice for a few hours. I hung out with Mr. Blue-hair, and we made dough for cinnamon rolls, and then went to Macino’s for some good food. Unfortunately, this is when my digestive track decided that it really wasn’t happy. You know how when you smell something really good you tend to get a craving for it. The smell of Mancino’s is one of those smells, but not yesterday. Upon smelling it, the only thing I could think of is, “man if I eat this I’m going to die.” So, I ordered a greek salad, a nice, non-greasy greek salad. While waiting for the food we talked, and after getting the food we prayed and then talked some more. I was probably in the bathroom for half the time I was there and I didn’t end up eating any of the salad. After Mancino’s, I got some bananas and apple juice at Kroger’s… foods that tend to stay down easier than say, a grinder. Then we drove to my parents house where we intended to finish making the cinnamon rolls. However, by the time we got to my house, I still felt incredibly sick, and had to ask my friend to leave. It was good to be able to see him and talk to him, but at the same time, I was really disappointed that we didn’t get to hang out more. I’ve been really excited about hanging out with him since I learned that he was coming home from college for the day because he had a dentist appointment, and then I have to go and get sick. Oh well… there should be a next time when I will hang out with him, so for now I’ll have to enjoy the time we did get to spend together.

On a semi-last note, side hugs are for friends — ain’t that the truth!

On a last note, please pray for me, being sick is very unpleasant!

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  • 1. Mr. Porter  |  January 30, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    I hope you feel better, being sick stinks! I hate when I smell food and feel sick to my stomach, eventhough I know if I weren’t sick it would smell delicious. and I see a reoccurring theme, bananas. I love them too, it’s my favorite fruit. Feel better.

  • 2. anon4him  |  January 30, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    Bananas are quite delightful. On the plus side, the banana didn’t taste completely awful coming up the way some foods do. As a matter of fact, it barely tasted at all. Thanks for your hope of betterness!

  • 3. LeahA  |  January 31, 2008 at 11:38 am

    You know the way you felt that day is the way I feel everytime I see cheese 😛

  • 4. anon4him  |  January 31, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    oh, you poor girl! I don’t know if I could LIVE without cheese!


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