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Thus far, I have not had the utmost success with fasting. Earlier this month I went a week with no food and no internet, but I got distracted by baking and various other activities. For the last 3 days I’ve not been eating, not gotten on the computer and not even watched television. A good part of these few days has been devoted to reading and prayer. I finished reading John, and then I read through the minor prophets and even made some flash cards for memory verses. Last time, my main prayer was for guidance. The guidance that God gave me was helpful, but not related to what I was seeking guidance for. Since then, I think I’ve been led a little more in that I’m nearly certain that college isn’t right for me, and there’s a possibility of doing missions in my future. These past few days I’ve been praying for a lot… a lot of stuff that I don’t really know how to deal with. I plan on talking to my pastor’s wife sometime in the near future and see if she’s got any advice for me. It would be really great if God put someone in my life to tell me exactly what I needed to hear from Him when I get so frazzled about my lack of knowledge or control. I’m still hoping that God works in me in a way that allows me to serve him better and to the best of my ability. I really just wish there was an easy button I could push…


And also, I kinda hope that whoever I end up marrying tells me I smell good. Not just in the physical sense, but that the way I live my life makes me smell good to God.


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Oh Husband of Mine Faulty Praying

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