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My High Priest

I have a high priest and his name is Jesus
His perfect blood meets my every need
Holy, blameless, undefiled
Heals the sick and lifts the weak

Take away my sin

Wash my body with the purest water
Sprinkle my heart and make it cleansed
Rid me of this guilty conscience
And this sin-soaked life I’ve been living in

Make me whole again

Take my breath, take my heart, my soul, my mind
For your glory, every part of me designed
All I am is a servant at your feet
Without you, Lord, I know I’m incomplete

Take ye all of me


Hebrews 7:26 “Such a high priest meets our need–one who is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens.”

Hebrews 10:22 “let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.”



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Faulty Praying

Has anyone out there ever prayed that your husband or wife would know instantly the moment he or she saw you that they would want to spend the rest of their natural life as your spouse. That there would be no doubt from day one. That they would see you and fall in love with you; not because they thought you were extremely attractive, not because you said yummy or because you smell good, and not because their horoscope said they would meet the woman or man of their dreams, but because God said to them, “There she/he is. She/he’s yours.” Have you ever prayed that? Well, I have. I prayed that my future husband would see me and just know that I am the one. But you know what, I was thinking about this prayer today, and I’m not sure it’s one I want to be praying.

For instance, for any guys out there, if God told you, “she is the one.” What would you do? If you had no doubt that there was no woman in the world who would make you happier to be with than the one sitting 5 seats ahead of you and 2 to the left, how would you approach her? “Will you marry me?” might not get the desired response. And what if you’re the woman who’s just been asked this by a total stranger? Unless you’ve been praying the prayer I mentioned earlier, and probably even in you ARE praying that prayer, your response will be something to the effect of awkward silence and NO.

You know what got me thinking about this? I was sitting in church today and a man came and sat just diagonally in front of me. He’s kinda pale, really skinny, has thick glasses and a bowlish haircut. He doesn’t look mean but he’s really quiet. His name is Brian… I only know because he was wearing one of those sticker name tags. He’s probably a decent number of years older than me, and not really my “type” as some would say. But what if God told him that I could be his? What if God revealed to Brian that I was the person he would want to spend the rest of his life with? What if Brian came to me any day this week and asked me to marry him? What if I said no? I would have asked God and I would have received. Perhaps it wouldn’t be what I expected, but God would have delivered exactly what I asked him to. I would be so consumed by appearances and stereotypes that I would probably just deny him, and for someone as shy as he appears, I probably wouldn’t end up in a conversation with him again. Therefore, by God answering my prayer, I could in effect, ruin the chance for an amazing, fulfilling relationship with the one who was to be my future spouse. That would really just suck!

So, for anyone who’s prayed that prayer before, I would encourage you to not, unless you are prepared to deal with the effects of it being answered. And if you would be so kind as to offer a love-sick girl biblical advice on any matter dealing with dating/courting/marriage/whatever, I would be very thankful to accept it.



Also, I’m sorry for the grammatical errors. It is fairly late and I didn’t want to use he/she, his/hers or him/her a lot.

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Thus far, I have not had the utmost success with fasting. Earlier this month I went a week with no food and no internet, but I got distracted by baking and various other activities. For the last 3 days I’ve not been eating, not gotten on the computer and not even watched television. A good part of these few days has been devoted to reading and prayer. I finished reading John, and then I read through the minor prophets and even made some flash cards for memory verses. Last time, my main prayer was for guidance. The guidance that God gave me was helpful, but not related to what I was seeking guidance for. Since then, I think I’ve been led a little more in that I’m nearly certain that college isn’t right for me, and there’s a possibility of doing missions in my future. These past few days I’ve been praying for a lot… a lot of stuff that I don’t really know how to deal with. I plan on talking to my pastor’s wife sometime in the near future and see if she’s got any advice for me. It would be really great if God put someone in my life to tell me exactly what I needed to hear from Him when I get so frazzled about my lack of knowledge or control. I’m still hoping that God works in me in a way that allows me to serve him better and to the best of my ability. I really just wish there was an easy button I could push…


And also, I kinda hope that whoever I end up marrying tells me I smell good. Not just in the physical sense, but that the way I live my life makes me smell good to God.

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Oh Husband of Mine

I weep at your beauty
My heart can’t understand
Why the maker of the world
Would take me by the hand

Oh Husband of mine
You made me and you know me
Oh my loving husband
How great this love you show me

You give me all I ask
If I ask it in your name
And everything I ask
I use it for your fame

Oh Husband of mine
You made me and you know me
Oh my giving husband
How strong this love you show me

My maker is my husband
Glorious one I love
Oh what joy of intimacy
With my righteous God above

I give it all back to you
My heart, my soul my life
Every worldly thing
I forsake to be your wife

Oh Husband of mine
You made me and you know me
Oh my perfect husband
How true this love you show me



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Would you go with me?

If God leads me to be a missionary somewhere, will you pray daily for me? I don’t mean a 10 second prayer of “Lord, and help Anon wherever she is today,” though I would appreciate those as well, but would you REALLY pray for me. Pray for God to put me in His hands, to guide my steps, to challenge me and give me his strength to overcome those challenges, to show me his will and give me words to speak to the sheep of his pasture? Would you pray for that and more for me? And would you be brought to tears with the hope that another soul will be saved from Hell? And would you go with me? Would you go with me in spirit? Would you witness to your neighbors? Would you tell Farmer Heath at the grocery store that the reason you smell good is only because you’re drenched in God? Would you go with me? Would you sell your possessions and give to the poor? Would you turn off the TV and open your bible? Would you go with me? Would you pick up your blood stained cross and carry it to calvary? Would you store up treasures in heaven instead of distractions on the earth? Would you die so that more can live? Brothers and Sisters, would you go with me?


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A prayer

Lord, put your cross on my back, because I’m not strong enough to pick it up.


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Pray for me

Anyone who reads this, please pray for me. Even though you probably don’t know me, please pray for me with all your heart. I just about need a miracle tonight. I need God more than ever. I ruined one friendship before now, and now the best friendship I’ve ever had with a human being is on the line. The prayer of the righteous avails much! So, again, I ask you, please pray for me! Thank you!

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