Eros = romantic love

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A Step Away from Eros

That they loved could not be denied
But a character of his love he chose to hide
Was that his love was a step away from eros

She gave love freely and he seemed to accept
But he could not return for his heart was inept
Because his love was a step away from eros

He could take the denial no more
So as he left, before closing the door
He told her his love was a step away from eros

She pleaded with him that it just wasn’t true
His actions, his words she desperately knew
Were signs that his love had been eros

But he held fast to his choice, his face set in stone
Denying her advances and leaving alone
The woman whose love had been eros

She cried in her bed, suicidal thoughts in her head
Wishing that all her emotions were dead
To knowing his love was a step away from eros

For months at a time her mixed feelings collided
Until she gave everything to the God she confided
Whose love was agape

He looked deep inside and cleaned up her heart
Gave her hope for a brand new start
Beginning by letting her step away from eros


This was a poem my brain made me write so that it would allow me to go to sleep. I know it’s not great… not even good, but it is written none the less. Really the last 2 stanzas are the only thing worth reading.



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