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Questions for Analysis

Why haven’t I let go
of the thing that’s killing me
Why does it cloud my heart
From the Love I desperately need

What has kept me here
In the place that I am dreading
What has given me fear
That so rapidly is spreading

When will I give all back
To the only One deserving
When will I be relieved
From this feeling so unnerving

Where will I find salvation
A gift from a mighty king
Where will my bondage break
So my heart can finally sing

How will I escape
From this idol made of flesh
How can I become
One eternally blessed

Who will be the one to woo
And make my heart beat faster
Who will be the kindest friend
Who will be my master


It’s so hard for me to let go of humanity. It’s so hard for me to accept that God is the only thing that will make me truly happy. God gave me a jewel and I turned it into an idol. I don’t know how to turn back the pages and accept that God’s work is beautiful, but I can live without it.



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When it’s all said and done

When it’s all said and done
I caused my own sorrow
Now my heart is in pieces
Whose strength can I borrow
My chest feels lifeless
My body falls limp
I scarce can draw breath
My only hope is in Him
Is there ever a choice
I can make on my own
To stray away from
The love I have known
What His will is
I have not a clue
But it may come at great cost
For me and for you
Perhaps a life separate
Perhaps both alone
Or it’s possible the tear
In our hearts can be sewn
To wait for transformation
Wearies my soul
To search for another
Would only make my love grow
So I run from the pain
I run from the hurt
I run to my God
Who has eternal worth
But, oh, how can I know
Who will be God’s one for me
It’s best to keep my eyes closed
and my heart open to see.


I felt like I needed to write something. It took around 20ish minutes… maybe less. I don’t know. I just need God right now. I need him to fill every part of me.

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Searching through the desert
My body breaks under the heat
Yet as I look on the vast expanse of sand
Pristine, blue water sparkles in the distance
I fight my exhaustion and travel onward
The sun beats upon my back, and the sand on my face
I shield my face from the sand and walk for miles
Yet, I gain not on my destination
My mind torments me as my heart loses hope
What is this evil that I am always perceiving, never receiving
Does rest come at such great cost
That I must die before I reach my destination

The desert will play tricks on your mind
And the lack of ‘reward’ will break your spirit
But suffer these trials
Ever pressing on towards the prize


This one needs a lot of work, I know. I do like the last bit, however. Perhaps that is why it’s separated from the rest of the … hmm… can I even call that a poem? It’s not very poemy. Oh well. There it is.


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Called to Death

Blessed be the persecuted
Those killed for the sake of Christ
Blessed be the righteous
Who don’t give up the fight
Blessed be the sweat and blood
That pour from disciples’ brow
Blessed be those who suffer
For they will wear a crown

God gave us a task
He called us to calvary
Following the footsteps
Of the one who set us free
Christ died to save our souls
He gave his every breath
And to live for him completely
God called us to death


I don’t think this is actually done yet, but it’s a start. Perhaps I will finish it when I have more time.


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Let Me Be Your Song

Lord, let me be your song
A light that shines your love
A servent to both poor and hungry, rich and healthy
Those below and those above

Lord, let me be your voice
To calm the raging sea
Let me tell them to love their neighbor, love the Lord
the Son shall set them free

Let me be your song
Lord, let me be your song
Let me be your song
Lord, let me be your song

Lord, let me be your song
Let me by your hymn
Let my words be shouting your glory, singing your mercy
Sung high by seraphim

Lord, let me be your sonnet
Let me be your verse
Let my words be swooning your people, revealing your love
Proclaiming your endless worth

Let me be your song
Lord, let me be your song
Let me be your song
Lord, let me be your song

I live for you; I die for you
I give up all I prize for you
In you, alone, is where I belong
I’ve but one desire
Lord, let me be your song

Let me be your song
Lord, let me be your song
Let me be your song
Lord, let me be your song


This is a little more like my usual writings will be.


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Fresh Start

I’m giving up (giving up)

So I can do this right

I’m gonna get a fresh start (fresh start)

I’m gonna win this fight


Too many times

I’ve held on to the very thing I hate

But I’m yelling let go

You won’t hold me down today!


Life is too short (too short)

To let follies keep me grounded

I’m gonna break away

Let the warning bells be sounded


My life is not my own

To pretend would be a sin

I’ve got to shut myself out

And let my savior in


This is my fresh start (fresh start)

A chance to give my all

This is my fresh start (fresh start)

I will answer His call


*apologizes (to the empty room) that this wasn’t up sooner* I know it’s not very good or coherent. I meant to write a better one, but it seems my life has been rather busy as of late. I will try to write a better one soon. Though this poem isn’t very good, it still conveys my feelings at the moment, making it a legitamate piece, I feel. Well, I hope I get a visitor or two, but if not, I’m no worse off.



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